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Our Vision

The main goal is to make mobility easier for everyone.

In doing so, we give them back time, and contribute to a better environment with cleaner air. 
Estrima is always looking for new partners, investors and collaborators to join the company and share their resources and experience, to make the world a better place together.

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Our Vision

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    Our Team

    Our main goal is to make mobility easier for our customers.

    Every day we look for innovative solutions so that people can enjoy a less stressful life.

    We are a close-knit team, and through every last one of our resources we find Solutions where others see problems, and Opportunities where others see failures, creating value partnerships with everyone who encounters Birò and Estrima.

    We like to make your life easier, because then ours is easier too.

    At Estrima, personal growth is just as important as professional growth.

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    Our Team

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      Estrima Worldwide

      Our main goal is to make mobility easier for everyone.

      Firstly, we give people the opportunity to test Birò and its advantages in the most strategic areas.

      The smile on the faces of those who try Birò is our motivation.

      Above all, learning how much Birò can change people’s lives in just a few months is thrilling.

      We try to improve our city and the daily lives of our customers, from Europe to the far East.

      We are lucky: working with Birò allows us to do something we love, everyday.

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      Estrima Worldwide

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