The electric personal commuter

That makes
your days easier

By reducing
the space

And increasing
the fun

Live the city, discover the Birò range

  • Birò Summer

    Smart mobility, to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Birò Winter

    Agility and comfort at the same time.
  • Birò Big

    With a load capacity of over 300 Litres.
  • Birò Box

    Load always organized and protected.

Ti semplifica la giornata perchè

You can save precious time

3 hours by car = 2 hours with Biro + 1 free hour

You can always find a park

Almost like a scooter, you can put 4 in a parking space.

You are always protected

Thick and non-deformable steel structure all around you.

It's easy to share

From your smartphone you authorize whoever you want, you know where it is and how much charge remains.

You can recharge everywhere

From the ground floor to the tenth floor, in the living room, bar, office or gym.

What our customers say

Filippo L.

I can’t live without Birò.

Anna Chiara B.

I’m lost without it because I don’t know how to go around anymore.

Filippo L. S.

Without Birò I can’t find an equally effective means of transport.

Michela A.

Please give me back my Birò, without it I spend 35€ a day between parking and congestion charge.

Antonio M.

I used to go to work in a SUV; it would take about 40 minutes. Now with Birò it takes me about 7 minutes.

Catia A.

Birò is essential in the city, my family has travelled 40000km in 5 years with 2 Birò.


Less time wasted, less costs!

Driving, parking, recharging time

Driving time: – 30% compared to a car

Parking time: – 90% compared to a car

Fuel costs: 10000 km with 100 €

Maintenance cost: – 75% compared to a car

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