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Fast and practical, in traffic and beyond.

With Birò you save time and avoid stress, combining work and leisure.
Many advantages in a small, practical and smart minicar.

Birò - Time weather time

You can save precious time

Forget all those hours wasted looking for parking, driving in traffic, avoiding restricted access areas.


With Birò you can reach your destination directly and park right in front of your favourite place.


Birò gives you back 1 hour for every 3: use it for what really matters.

Birò - Time weather time
Birò - City parking

You can always find parking

With Birò it’s easier to move around the city.


Thanks to its compact size, you can drive in urban traffic, access restricted traffic areas in many cities, and easily park in scooter bays.


As cities continue to expand, Birò tries to reclaim space that’s not being used efficiently.

Birò - City parking
Birò - Digital smartphone

It's easy to share

Most cars are parked 95% of the time in the garage, what a waste!
Your investment is losing value without giving you any benefits.


Birò is ready to be shared, give it to your family and friends without needing a physical key.


Companies can also enable fleet management and car sharing solutions.

Birò - Digital smartphone
Biro - Means of transport plugin

Recharge everywhere

Birò is the only 4-wheel minicar that offers a removable Re-Move battery system.


Once you have parked your Birò, it is easy to remove the device and take it home, to the office, or wherever is most convenient for you, to recharge your battery in comfort, giving you the opportunity to go further afield during the day.


A really useful system if you don’t have your own parking space, but also to organise your trips efficiently.


Biro - Means of transport plugin

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