The world's smallest 100% electric minicar.
  • Best solution for the city

  • Birò is so small it can even be parked in scooter parking spots

  • Recharge it anywhere with the new ReMove system

  • Share it with whoever you want

Buy it also with financing
or find out our short-, medium- and long-term rental solutions.

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  • Easy to recharge

    It is possible to recharge Birò from a normal domestic plug

    at 220V

    3€ = 100km

  • Buy it or rent it: your choice!

    The possibilities for driving a Birò are endless: purchase, even with financing or short-, medium- and long-term rental.

Birò - Digital smartphone

It's easy to share

Many cars spend 95 % of their time locked in the garage, an expensive and unnecessary waste; for 23 hours a day it’s a bad investment that brings no benefits..

Birò was born ready to be shared, giving you the opportunity to enjoy it with your friends and family without key problems; and if you are a business, you can abilitate ready-to-use fleet management and car sharing services.

Birò - Digital smartphone
Biro - Means of transport plugin

Recharge just everywhere

Birò is the only 4-wheels minicar that offers a removable battery system.

Once your Birò is parked, it’s easy to remove the battery and take it home, to the office or wherever you want to recharge it in comfort. This gives you the ability to have more range throughout the day.

A really useful system if you don’t have your own parking space, but also a good way to improve your trips efficiency.

Biro - Means of transport plugin
Birò - Digital smartphone

Save precious time

All those wasted hours looking for parking and avoiding LTZs… Forget them!

With Birò you will move easily through traffic and be able to access all restricted traffic zones in city centers.

Birò - Digital smartphone
Birò - City parking

Always find parking

Why have 2 tons of iron, plastic and fabric to move one person at 25km/h in the city?

With Birò getting around is easier!

Thanks to the compact size, you can smoothly get around in urban traffic, freely access the limited traffic zones of many cities, and easily park in the space of a scooter.

There is less and less space for humans in cities, favoring cars. Birò declines and stands as a solution to this problem, giving the space back to humans.

Birò - City parking