Drive small, think big.

With Birò, it is easier to travel in the city.
Thanks to its compact size
you can navigate easily through urban traffic,
freely enter the restricted traffic zones
of many cities, and park
easily in scooter spaces.
Planning your day becomes a pleasure, because
with Birò you can move about more often,
saving time and avoiding stress; combining
work and free time. There are so many
advantages to a personal commuter that is
small, practical and intelligent.




4 Biròs = 1 standard parking space


Personal but sociable.

Birò, the personal commuter, is designed
with all sorts of useful internal compartments
to hold everything you need for your
professional and everyday life.
It is small and personal, but it’s also
very sociable, because it has been designed
with two seats, side by side, so you can travel
with whomever you choose.


Birò card


Open minded.

Forget about keys.
Birò works with a keyless system
that opens the driver’s side door
and starts the engine, which is
activated by the Birò Card.
Just like a credit card,
this magnetic card has a unique
alphanumeric code and can be kept
in your wallet, purse, or wherever you like.
The Birò Card is practical, simple
and secure: be worry-free, move about
with peace of mind.




Electric eclectic.

It is the silence that makes you feel truly free.
Four agile wheels and two
100% electric Brushless motors, mounted
on the two back wheels, with no
transmission system, thereby eliminating additional
weight and cutting maintenance costs.
No emissions, no noise pollution
no petrol consumption.
Birò not only saves you money, but is so enjoyable
to drive, and particularly dynamic thanks to its
Boost lever, which you can activate when necessary
to give you that extra bit of acceleration
for moving off, or travelling up those steeper hills.




Space for safety.

There is no freedom without safety.
That is why Birò is fitted with 4 disk brakes,
175 width rear tyres, and its frame
is manufactured in 3 mm steel tubing
to make the cabin as strong and resistant as possible.
On top of this, two round structures in thick,
high-density ABS plastic guarantee
high shock absorption.
The side doors, the headrests and the armrests
on both sides make sure you always
feel comfortable and protected,
with everything that you need
in an ultra-compact space.




Total vision.

Broaden your driving vision.
This too is about freedom and safety,
because Birò has a cabin with wide
and transparent surfaces which
offer you complete 345-degree views,
guaranteed in any condition
by the defrost grid windscreen.
Relish the city:
Birò is the personal commuter for anyone
who has clear ideas about mobility.




Full protection.

Summer or winter, day or night; with Birò
you can always travel when and where you want to.
You’re well protected from the rain, cold and wind
in the colder seasons. The roof and the hardened
back windscreen can be opened,
and the polycarbonate doors are removable
to let in light and air
in the hotter seasons.




Easy Move and Re-Move.

Birò’s energy is always with you, because
it is the only 4-wheeled personal commuter
to be fitted with the Easy Move and
Re-Move battery system.
Once your Birò is parked, it is easy
to remove the battery unit and take it to your house,
or your office, or wherever is most convenient,
to recharge your batteries with ease,
meaning that you can drive further
in a single day. This is a very useful system
if you don’t have a personal parking space,
but it also helps you to organise your travel as
efficiently as possible.