Built for the visionary

Not all superheroes wear capes: some have four wheels and they are the smallest 100% electric vehicle in the world. Today, even more quick, spacious, safe and easy.


I grew up, without taking up space.

From the outside Birò is still the world’s smallest electric vehicle. Yet inside it is a completely different experience. The new front and rear LED headlights have increased visibility by 400%, the new driving position and wraparound backrests offer the best ergonomics ever. Big and small at the same time: with Birò it’s simple, for real.



Look mom, even more intuitive!

Birò sports a new cockpit with integrated steering wheel controls and display, an electromechanical brake with remote operation, an integrated key ring compartment with USB socket, and a… Being essential is our thing, but when it comes to user-friendliness, it is never enough.



“Agile and green. What can I say…”

For us it is all about reducing emissions and practicality. That’s why with Birò we implemented both: the improved weight distribution provided by the flat battery makes it more agile, while the new intelligent EV Motor Driver reduces consumption. Our small vehicle is the key to the smart city you deserve. 

The tiny two-seater with gigantic possibilities.
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    Birò in short

    No need for fancy words, it just changes your life.

    Birò in short
    • More spacious on the inside, the same on the outside!
    • 400% visibility
    • A more ergonomic driving position
    • New hi-tech cockpit
    • New design
    • New electric engine
    • Improved energy recovery
    • Only 1,79 m long
    • Born connected