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GetAround Rotterdam with Birò!

5 August 2019

GetAround Rotterdam with Birò!

The californian company “GetAround” has launched “Lev”, the new free-floating car-sharing service in town.


Birò Lev a Rotterdam


From the 15th of July you can get around Rotterdam with Birò, GetAround has launched Lev, the new free-floating car-sharing service in town.

Ios/Android “Lev” app is available to download now and in 5 minutes you will have access to a fleet available spread around the city of Rotterdam. Currently there 120 Birò active but the number of vehicles will double up by 2020. “Lev” car-sharing has been developed and launched by GetAround together with Estrima, and Vulog. The Californian company has chosen Birò as its vehicle for the European market because of the compact size of the vehicle and because of the “real” two-seaters vehicle (side by side).

At the official launch of Lev there were  Ytzen Zeilstra(CEO of GetAround), Matteo Maestri (CEO of Estrima), and  Alderman Judith Bokhove, Member of the transport and mobility committee of the city of Rotterdam who declared:

“We want to keep Rotterdam accessible. That is why we give new sharing services a chance. Lev’s cars can easily replace city journeys by car. For example, fewer people in Rotterdam need a car that is only parked in the city centre or residential areas for much of the time. At those parking places, I prefer green or space to park your bike. Lev’s electric vehicles help because one such Lev can be used by many people. And they are also electric, so they produce less noise, CO2 emissions and air pollution in the city”

Drive a Birò in Rotterdam is very easy now: download the app Lev, complete the registration and in 5 minutes you jump on the closest Birò to you and have fun with it. Once you are in there is a sound tutorial that will tell you how to use the service with all the relevant info to how to start the ride and end it once you have reached your destination. The whole process is very straight forward so you can only enjoy the ride.

Thanks to the agreement with the Municipality of Rotterdam parking is easy for Lev users, there designated parking area all around the city wich are 100% free for Lev users. The charging is completely managed by Lev so you do not have to worry about charging the vehicle you are using neither at the beginning nor at the end of your ride. Lev has chosen Birò because charging is a no brainer: you can charge directly the Birò with a common 220V plug or charging the Re-Move battery anywhere you want. The Re-Move battery it has been one of the most relevant features that made the Californian sharing provider go for the Birò as its vehicle making the whole swapping battery operation easy and efficient.

Driving a Birò in Rotterdam with Lev costs only 0,40 €/min plus 1 € to unlock it. You can always pause (parking) your rides and keep the vehicle where you left it for a quick errand without making it available for another user. In “pause”, the cost of the service goes down to 0,15€/min.


If you want further informations about Lev’s project or the Estrima world you can fill the contact form here.