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What is Birò Share

Birò Share is a service developed by Estrima that allows you to share your Birò with others in an easy and intuitive way.
There are two sharing modes, designed for your needs: private and public mode.

How does it work?
What is Birò Share

Explore the private mode

Designed for those who use their Birò every day, the private mode allows you to share your vehicle keyless, with a limited group of people, all you need is your smartphone.

How does it work?
Explore the private mode

Discover the public mode

For businesses or communities, it’s suited to satisfy broader sharing needs and allows you to manage your Birò fleet easily and efficiently.

How does it work?
Discover the public mode

Birò share gives you only benefits!

Share Birò with anyone you want, open and close doors with your smartphone, check the remaining battery charge and track your Birò to see if is it available and nearby. With Birò Share you can do this and much more! Moreover, for any need you may have, you can contact Estrima directly via app!

How does it work?
Birò share gives you only benefits!
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    Download the app

    Download Birò Share app from the App Store or Play Store and register.
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    Invite anyone you want in your group and share your Birò. Registered users, after registering, can access and use your Birò through the Birò Share, in a complete keyless way.
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    Thanks to the IoT technology installed on-board, you can track the vehicle's status and much more.

Who has tried it, can't live without it

Marco B.

Thanks to Birò Share, I don’t waste time looking for keys, anymore. I just need my phone and I can go anywhere!

Paolo R.

Gone are the days when I used to wonder which of my colleagues was using Birò. Now I simply check Birò share, book my ride and I’m ready to go!

Giulia S.

I enjoy Birò Share because I can share my Birò with family and friends without having to give them a key to unlock it.

All the benefits of becoming
a Birò Share Community

Birò Share is the personal car sharing service with a completely social heart, because its benefits pass on from the individual to the whole community.

All the benefits of becoming <br/> a Birò Share Community
  • Small=PracticalSmall=Practical

    Share all the benefits of Birò with your users by offering them a comfortable, practical and alternative way of moving.

  • ConnectedConnected

    Check the status of your Birò anytime using the Birò Share app, thanks to the IoT technology installed on-board of the vehicle.

  • SocialSocial

    Decide who and when your Birò can be used, managing permissions on the app.

  • TrackableTrackable

    Find where your Birò is parked.
    Thanks to the on-board technology, your group of authorized users and you can locate the vehicle wherever it is.

  • KeylessKeyless

    No keys exchange: each user uses Birò through the Birò Share app installed on his smartphone.

  • Pay As-You-GoPay As-You-Go

    Pay only for how far you’ve driven.
    For broader levels of sharing, taking advantage of prepaid coupons, the user gets a pay-as-you-go rate.

  • Eco-friendlyEco-friendly

    Zero emissions and lower consumption: Birò share is the ecosystem of truly sustainable mobility.

  • Dedicated to youDedicated to you

    In case of needing, you won’t be left alone.
    You can enjoy an exclusive communication channel that will allow you to be in touch with Estrima directly.