Birò Share

I share, you share, we share.
Birò, the first personal commuter that
has been designed to be shared.



What is Birò Share?

Birò Share is an innovative service
that connects up your Birò and
enables you to share it easily
with your Community,
monitoring its use.
Register your personal commuter
on the website
so that people you authorize
can use your Birò* with their
Rechargeable Birò Card.

How it works

* Registering your vehicle to the Birò Share service
is dependent on a monthly subscription fee plus
a commission based on what you receive from the user.
For full terms and conditions please refer to the information in the documentation relating to the Birò Share service.

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Using Birò Share is easy,
convenient and safe

Every new-generation Birò
has been designed to be shared.
In fact it has been equipped with the latest technology which makes it easy to share with other users without having to hand over your keys.


Making money from your Birò



Register online
Visit the website, create your account and add your vehicle.



Create your Birò Share Community
Decide who can join your Community. Users who have registered on the website and who have been authorised by you can have access to your vehicle using their own Rechargeable Birò Card.



Monitor the use of your Birò
Thanks to the website and integrated GPS and GPRS systems in your vehicle you can monitor the use of your Birò at all times.

Earn money with your Personal Car Sharing service!

With Birò there is no need to install a device or create an online platform to start up and manage your car sharing service. Birò Share is the ready-made solution to start making money straightaway. You just need to create a business account (companies only) on in order to set up a rate per minute for your users.
Make your vehicle available to your Community in one of the designated locations and start earning money when your users rent your vehicle
through the Rechargeable Birò Card. You can easily monitor and manage your account and the use of your Birò from your desk via the website.
Birò Share is the easiest and most convenient way of creating your personal car sharing service and offering a valuable service to your users. For more information and to see our terms and conditions please visit the website



All the benefits
of belonging to a Birò Share Community

Birò Share is the personal car sharing service
which is entirely Community focused, because it benefits both the individual and the entire Community.




Make the benefits of Birò available to your users, by offering them a convenient, practical and alternative means of transport.


Stay connected
You can monitor the use of your Birò whenever you like thanks to the website and GPS and GPRS systems installed in the vehicle which track and store information in the cloud


You can decide who and when can use your Birò, managing access through the online platform


Wherever you like
You can choose the pick-up and collection points of your Birò: a practical, unique and straightforward service for your users, as easy as getting a coffee from a vending machine.


No keys
No keys needed: No need to hand over your keys: each user can use the Birò with their own Birò Rechargeable Card


Pay As You Go
Users only pay for the minutes they use* with their Rechargeable Birò Card.
An easy and convenient service for everyone in your Community

* The rate per minute can be set only by those with a business account (companies only).


Environmentally friendly
Zero emissions and lower energy consumption: Birò Share is a genuinely sustainable environmentally-friendly transport system

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